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Emissions Reduction

Let's work together to lower pollution in our city

We want to hear your input on how we can implement solutions to make our city a cleaner and safer space.

Waste and emission reductions can be achieved through pollution prevention (P2) practices. This can be accomplished by adopting best management practices and cleaner production technologies such as reducing material inputs, re-engineering processes to reuse by-products, improving management practices, and substituting toxic chemicals with those less toxic. Some smaller facilities are able to actually get below regulatory thresholds by reducing pollutant releases through aggressive pollution prevention policies.

The Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 established a national policy of managing waste through source reduction. The spirit of this legislation is to practice preventing the generation of waste. The Pollution Prevention Act also established as national policy a hierarchy of waste management options for situations in which source reduction is not feasible. In the waste management hierarchy, if source reduction is not feasible the next alternative is recycling of wastes, followed by energy recovery, and waste treatment as a last alternative.

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